Sunday, July 29, 2012


I wrote about Mal HERE, I talked about Meg there as well.
They worked at Hogi-Yogi, and brought me my most FAVORITE sandwich every day i was a the hospital. 
They always asked if they could do anything, and always helped me.  They're GREAT, loving, kind.  They were the only girls that stayed with me through EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY moment from the second I got pregnant to after placement.  They never judged me. Though, the always told me what a idiot the BF was, and that I needed to kick him to the curb... funny how that happens.  They'd seen everything, heard everything, and knew that I was an idiot as well. Yet, they were still there, on my bedroom floor, hanging out with me instead of our friends. Even if they did go out with our friends, they still came home and slept on my floor, and told me about the night, and the drama, and the crushes:).  

We don't talk a TON now, but I love seeing them. And hearing how they are doing. Even if I have to stalk other peoples fb and blogs to see:).  I love them!

They love that little boy, and still say I was so strong. Thank you. For all you two do and did!

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