Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hospital - Delivery

I know I know, 3 posts in 1 day... but this is where it gets exciting... where my story REALLY gets interesting. Where I get to tell you about when I finally got to meet my very own Angel.

"We got to the hospital at 6:30. i had 3 contractions from the time I stepped out of the car to the time we got to labor and delivery.  We were put in room 9 and I got ready."
We had parked in the East parking lot, and went in through the Emergency Entrance.  I had to stop before we got inside, then once when we did get inside, and again at the doors of L&D.  I was tired already. I wanted to call R & S by myself. And I contemplated the WHOLE drive if I should just call them, I decided to follow the rules and didn't...

" I went and hour without an epidural. I didn't want one.. but I couldn't relax long enough to let them pass. So the mad who did them came(yup he was not the anesthesiologist, he was "the man")  I felt SO much better afterwards, and we turned on Cinderella, and waited."
Yup, I brought a Disney movie to watch while i was in Labor. I needed a distraction. i was pretty sure no one would come to wait or visit anyway, so why bother sitting there watching the clock?  We called Sand, my caseworker, after I got the epidural, and let her know we were in labor so she could call R & S and let them know. WHY DIDN'T I JUST CALL. Oh the things that would have been done differently.

oh the drugs
 I wanted to see it, not to exciting eh?!  

"A second later your heart rate dropped, and i was scared to DEATH.  The nurse came in and let me know that it was normal and you were OK." After I relaxed, so did he, and his hear rate went back to normal.
"An hour or so after that Dr. C came in and broke my water. He said he could feel your head.  A 1/2 hour later i told BF to hurry and get someone because I needed to push.  I had gone from a 4-5 CM to fully dilated and fully effaced and you were at a 3+ station. I started to push when the nurses were in there and they told me to stop and wait for the doctor.  I HAD to push... i told her that too.. and she and BF just told me to breathe.  FINALLY I could push... with 1 1/2 contractions your head was out. Your BF started to cry. 1 push later and you were out. I remember my doctor asking, "Are you sure you haven't had any other kids?" He was impressed with 3 pushes!  "You were crying and looked so cute! I wanted to hold you right away!!! They set you on my stomach and started to clean you. You did NOT like that!!"

Penny(my friends mom who was a nurse and happened to be there that night) took you over to weigh, measure, and clean you off. Your BF went with you and took some pictures. You were so little, and I couldn't help but tell them to hurry so I could hold you.  I couldn't stop crying.
" When they put you in my arms you quieted right down. BF sat in the chair and cried. I asked him to get up and together we held you.  I could tell already that you were my perfect baby boy!"

 One thing he did from the beginning was hold my fingers. And suck on his hand. We realized after that he had a little blister, right where he was sucking it when I held him, Dr said he must have done that while he was in my belly too.

Not long after Nana and Papa came to see us. They loved him so much. 
Your BF mom came as well, but I don't have her pictures.

"A minute after my mom and dad came and held you and took pictures. MA came after as well. Oh my family love you!!! MA did too, and after you were an hour old, BF and his mom took you to the nursery.  They checked you and everything was fine. BF gave you a bath and you LOVED the water. The sound and the running over your head... you were so relaxed."

"Then they brought you back to the me in a new room. We were SO exhausted. We decided to talk you to the nursery, I didn't want you to go, but everyone told me I needed the rest. I slept HORRIBLY, all I wanted was to have you in my arms! I made BF get up at 7 and go get you that next morning. "

As soon as I saw him, my heart jumped. I never knew I could love something so much with only meeting them seconds ago. He was perfect in every way. And was SO gorgeous.  I wondered what R & S would think of him... would they love him like I did? Would they think he is as beautiful as I did?  I didn't want to let him go, ever. I didn't want to do what I was supposed to. I wanted him to be mine... ALWAYS and FOREVER.

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