Friday, July 6, 2012

Fairy Godmother

I was working when I moved back "home".  The American West Heritage Center, where I cleaned up after people.  Actually, at that point, my legs would get so swollen they finally put me up front to take tickets.  Even after sitting I'd have to go in back and lay on the floor and put my feet up.  (another reason to dig out my pictures).  

I don't know how long my mom had worked there, but by then she'd become good friends with Susan, aka, the Fairy Godmother.  Suz lived out of state, but came out every summer to work at the festival and do the "adventures" up the canyon.  The day she got there and could talk to my mom, she asked how everyone was.  I don't know how mom responded, whether she cried or not, but when she told Suz about me they talked at length about everything. Then she asked my mom, "does she know what she is gong to do?", moms reply, "She said she is going to Place the baby for adoption.".  That is when she told my mom about her daughter-in-laws sister.  She and her husband had been trying to have kids for years, with no success, they decided to look into adoption.  They'd only been approved through LDSFS since, I think, December( or February, I'll have to check that out to be sure.).  So it seemed, that their adoption process began, or was in the works, as my dumb little "I think I'm big" moments began.  

My mom met me at the doors later that evening, and said, "Now, I don't know what you'll think of this, but I feel like you should know this.  Susan's daughter-in-laws sister and her husband are trying to adopt. And they have their papers in to LDSFS."  I know what I felt at that moment. I remember EXACTLY how my breath got taken away, and it took everything I had to stay cool and say, "Sure I'll look at their information. Do they have a profile or anything?" 
You see, with LDSFS they have "profiles" of prospective adoptive couples.  Today, they have more couples by FAR than girls that would like to place their baby for adoption.  The profiles are a couple pages of pictures, and a letter, with a little information about the couple and their families.  I had been to LDSFS before I heard about R & S. They had taken a picture of the BF and I, we made a list of things we wanted in an adoptive parent, and then they pulled profiles to match our wants, looks, and other things that fit with us.  They give you 5 at a time.  But I hadn't had any given to us yet. 
Luckily, her daughter-in-Law was coming up that weekend and would bring it with her.  I went home and met up with the BF and told him about them. I didn't tell him what I was feeling, but just told him I was going to look at a profile of a couple that came through my mom.  He was hesitant, go figure(he was always like that with me), and wanted to look at other profiles as well before we did any decision making. I pretended I was OK with that. And would look at others just to appease him, but in my heart I knew that I'd be meeting the sister of my little guys mom really soon.  I'd be meeting his AUNT!  

I don't know what day it was, I know it was a beautiful evening, and it was warm outside. I was severely swollen... oh retaining water!  My mom, Susan, and myself stood inside waiting for A to come with the profile.  I was so anxious to see what she looked like, and to see if this really was what I was feeling it was going to be.  When I saw her walking up that path, which felt like the flipping yellow brick road and she was never gong to get there, My stomach went to my throat!  And I couldn't hold back the tears. The spirit was SO overwhelming, and so strong, in a way I'd never felt before that it took me by surprise. "Hi Jena, R & S said to give you a hug from them."  I cried. Hard.  She was BEAUTIFUL, and I already could see how kind and loving she was. That only meant her sister was the same. There was no way this family wasn't the right one.  I  KNEW that this guy had just come, that close, to his family for the first time.  At that moment, I knew my role in this pregnancy. I knew that I was the tool to get him to his Mom & Dad. 

"Oh my gosh, I don't even need to look at this, I really don't.  I know that he is supposed to be with them."

We were all crying. And I was shaking(I do that when I get worked up).  We went back into the offices and sat down so I could read the letter and look at the pictures.  I read it just because, for no other reason than hoping to see more of these amazing people. IT WAS THEM!  I had found them, and the spirit was so amazing, it was so peaceful and comforting.  I was laughing at how I could be so nauseous and so happy all at the same time.  I felt like I was on a stage, as I sat behind the desk and the other 3 sat in front looking at me reading the letter, and looking at those pictures.  They were GORGEOUS, and looked so happy.  Their families were beautiful, and so talented.  I couldn't get over it... how I'd been offered so many different people to look at/talk to... and in single second, I knew I needed to see their information.

"I don't need to look anymore, I don't even need to read this, all this did was confirm it more. I know they are supposed to be his mom and dad."  

At that moment, I knew they were IT, but I wondered if I could convince the BF of that too. He wasn't active, and didn't care about the spirit, or anything like that.  I think I said that too, that I would have to get him to be OK with this too.  Hugs were given, we talked for a moment more, and I wanted to get outta there to share this with the BF.  I wish I would have hung out with them more:)

Now don't you judge. We all were crying, and I was tired. But holy moly is she not beautiful?!
Me, Baby E, and Auntie A

My cute Mama & Me
Remember that White shirt from the fair... that's it... oh maternity clothes.

Why didn't we take a picture of Susan and I?!

Susan doesn't know how much she means to me. But I do hope she knows what a BIG part she has in getting this little guy to his mom and dad! What if she didn't come back that summer? What if she didn't talk to my mom? THANK YOU SUSAN, for being the amazing woman you are.  And thank you A, for coming up, and bringing E his mom and dad! 

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