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Well Hi there. 
If you haven't read already I am Jena. I am a Birth Mom of 10 years, a wife, and mother. 
I am an advocate of adoption, the love it possesses, the possibilities of joy, and life after placement.  
I don't pretend to think that adoption is something for everyone. I don't pretend to think that everyone should choose adoption. But, I do believe adoption has a bad wrap. I believe that this should be one of those BIG HUGE, ABSOLUTE first options if someone is considering abortion.

Jena - The Birth Mom.
I became pregnant at the bold age of 18. I was a Senior in High School, dating a boy out of high school.  I didn't think I was invisible. But I also never even thought about getting pregnant.  I had never been sexually active, and was one of the "good girls" in school. I had lots of friends, and enjoyed school(mostly). 
At 19 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He saved my life. I sacrificed my heart, and soul, so that he could have a future.  He deserved the best, and that is why I chose adoption.  I hand picked his mom and dad, and couldn't have asked for a better couple.
When he was 3 days old, I placed him, along side the Birth Father, into the arms of his Mom & Dad.
It was the most heart breaking moment in my life. I still don't know how I got through it.  Well, I do know how, my Father in Heaven.  It was truly by the love and strength of Him, that this happened.
 I have gone through joy, hate, pain, melancholy, and every emotion you can imagine in 10 years. 
But there isn't one thing I would change about my story.  It has made me who I am.

Jena - The Wife
 I met my husband 3 year after placing.  The first time we hung out, was spent with him asking, and me answering questions about the adoption.  We were inseparable from that night on.
We took a "break" 2 month in, and then got back together weeks later. We got engaged that November, and married that following March.  We welcomed our first child, a girl, 6 months after being married(yes pregnancy post placement), and have fought to stay together and be a family.  We welcomed our next little girl 3.5 years later, and a little boy 9.5 months after welcoming our second.   Its been a whirlwind of 8 years but we are fighters, and we love our family!

Jena - The Mom
I get to be called Mom by 3 littles. Littles we like to call; Louis, Roo, And Bubba (or Gus), and I spend my days either pulling out my hair, or non stop giggling.  They each have their own personality that is absolute. They are the light of my life, and the most difficult things Ive ever had to take care of.  But I get to be their mom. They are the best things ever. We are awaiting the arrival of baby surprise #4 in February 2015.

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