Sunday, July 1, 2012

back home...but not home

I am getting a little antsy to get to the point in my story where things get interesting. I am sure that its important to write about the things leading up to all of this, but its hard. SO, SUGGESTIONS, what in the world should I share concerning the things BEFORE finding my most favorite people?

In other words... When I said I moved back, I moved from my sisters house, to my friends house. 
(I'll have to grab my old journal to see if I kept track of this at least...)
This is my ... leenine, other mom, life saver, spirit listener, etc etc.  One of my Best Friends, Mallory, knew how much I HATED being down in Orem. After finding out that they'd messed up all my stuff and I wasn't going to graduate, I wanted to get outta there.  I don't know how many times I called her, bawling, because I missed them, and my house, and the North in General.  
One day(I don't remember if we were talking in person or on the phone), Mallory said that her mom told her I should move in with them. She knew how hard it must be to be down there, alone with no friends, and said that I could come stay with them.  You see, I still wasn't on best terms with my family... it wasn't fun. And she knew I needed some more support.  So, not long after, I moved in with Mallory, Judd, Leenie, and Dave. These people are truly such a  blessing in my life. Mallory, myself, and my other friend Megan had a sleepover almost EVERY SINGLE NIGHT while I lived with them.  Though, they were out with friends mostly and I was mostly with the BF, they both ended up on the floor in my room.  My room, which was Mall's older brother, Joe's room while he was serving his mission.  THANKS JOE!!!!  It was nice to be somewhere where I was welcome. And it was nice to be somewhere neutral.  It was fun being with 2 girls, that meant a lot to me, who didn't judge me and wanted to be there for me and help me through this time. I was jealous of their fun nights out with the old crew. I was jealous of them talking about the different boys they liked. 

I went to the County fair, 7 months pregnant, and I felt like a big fat dork. Following my friends around. Wearing my white maternity shirt... oh goodness. Then Dan came over... my missionaries friend... and hugged me. I don't now the last time I'd seen him, but he gave me the biggest hug, and told me he loved me and hoped I was going OK. He even told me that i looked great(that really made me feel a little better:)) Life was as normal as it could be at that moment. The months were getting shorter and shorter... the due date closer and closer... and now I needed to go look for a family.

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