Friday, July 6, 2012

Group - LDSFS

LDS Family Services has a thing we like to call "Group". Group, by definition, is where single pregnant girls can come talk openly about their pregnancy, their families, their plans, etc. Any single pregnant girl is welcome, we have also had girls who were pregnant, and plan to get married, still come to these groups. 
These are FREE, and Group is a great place to get support, love, and open arms in those hard moments that come when you are single and pregnant.  

Its About Love

The above link is where you can go to look at the information about LDS Family Services and their services for those single and pregnant.  It was a blessing in so many ways.  The other thing about LDSFS, that was amazing to me, was the unconditional love, and that they didn't push me to go in any direction. I never once heard someone tell me that I needed to place my baby for Adoption. I was never told that, because I was unsure, that I was a bad person.

As I stated in a previous post, I had been to LDSFS 1 time before I moved to my sisters.  Mostly, at that time, we just discussed what I wanted, what we wanted, and what our plans were. I didn't go back because I moved, and because I felt unsure about what I wanted to do.  So when I had moved back home, I attended group for the first time on September 3, 2003.

" Yesterday was my first time at Group.  There was a girl in there that I knew, only because she came and talked to my class in school last year.  It was nice being able to talk about you(E) and my feelings!!  I twas hard to hear how some of those girls were totally left by their boyfriends or the father of the baby. But I am really excited to go again... I sort of wish it wasn't only once a week.  I am going out with some of the girls next week. I am excited and nervous."

Also, LDSFS is not just for girls of the LDS religion. It is open for any girl, of any religion. And they are amazing, at least where I was!  Being so alone through many parts of my pregnancy, that was one thing that I could always count on. And the girls in there were loving, and honest, and helpful.  It was informative, and scary, to hear the birth stories, to hear of those girls that had placed recently, or even years before.  A place where I could share everything and not have to worry about making someone else in my family upset, or in the BF family upset.  Every girl needs an outlet in an unplanned pregnancy, I feel.  There was no safer place than LDSFS to do that.

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