Saturday, August 25, 2012

Im bored

I am a bit bored of my story... at least, tired of trying to remember, or actually remembering.  So I'm going to take a little break from actually writing it and do something different.

Mostly, I am just going to take some posts(a post) at a time, and post it on here. There is no specific order, but it will be a good change for the time being.  Thus, here is a post from my personal/family blog, enjoy.

June 11, 2009
Its amazing having a child of your own. its even more amazing after placing a child how much more love you have for your own children. i am constantly reminded how different life would be, how difficult it would have been had i single-parented. it wasn't the right choice for me. and i am more grateful every day for what having that little boy taught me. the love i have, the able-ness(yes i know that isn't a word) i have to forgive, and the ability i have to recognize the spirit in my life. 

 October 2, 2009
Often I wish forgiveness came easy.
Whether it be for the the forgiver or the one who is receiving that forgiveness.

My heart broke a little more today. Friendships lost because of false statements and because of a past that some people can't let go of. I come back to the Mormon Messages; and being in need of spiritual uplifting have turned off the TV, crude or less than uplifting music, and feigned away from the stupid Internet sites that take away too much of my time.
Instead I've turned on some "Sunday music" and decided to listen to more of this and less of that. I feel that may be the only way to heal my heart.

When you have done what you can to heal a broken something all you can do at that point is live your life and let the lord do the rest. Though it still breaks my heart it doesn't mean that I can't have some healing. I learned 6 years ago the power of forgiveness and the power that a little step can take you.

SIX years, wow how time flies, when friends were there, supporting you. The love you've never experienced before pouring from your soul.
How grateful I am that I have a Heavenly Father than knows my faults, that loves me and will forgive me. I hope my heart will relax a little more today.

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