Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family-o-Mine Pt 2.

With all the craziness that was me, when it came to the adoption or my family... or the BF, they were still so loving and caring. They still told me they loved me, and said it was OK that I was open with them. I still they they are crazy for saying that but hey, aren't we all sometimes.

The thing is, these adoptive couples, who we have chosen, never HAVE to keep in contact with us. They don't, its that simple. In MY opinion that is, its that simple. They didn't have to send me pictures after the first 6 months, they didn't have to do anything. But 8 years later, they still give me a call every once in a while, they still come see me when I'm down visiting(which isn't often), and have done so much through their words and actions.  They are the most loving, honest, happy, awesome people ever. They are spiritual giants, always ready to help someone in need. They love everyone, and are just... perfect.

This isn't to say that I haven't continued to be crazy in the years after the first of placement... I still have issues, but usually its because life has continued to hand me some dirt... it is my choice what I do with it. And, at times, I have failed miserably in taking it gracefully and just putting Happy face on. I always say I can only take so much.  One constant though, is that placing was right, the Gospel is true, and I know (well I remember now), that my Heavenly Father loves me.  He can only do so much for us before we have to take the reigns and make our own choices. He can place things in our paths to direct us, but it is ultimately our choice whether or not to Choose the Right.  Even when the right isn't easy.  

They chose to stay around, and support the crazy. :) they stayed and showed me they loved me and reminded me so often that I did the right thing. 

I can't tell you how fun it has been to call them and let them know that I was pregnant, and that we were going to be sealed... all those little things that are so great!  I wish they could have been there for some of those, but life is crazy. I can't expect much from anyone with kids, cause even myself is overwhelmed with what it entails. But its worth it. 

Thank you, my little P family, for you never ending love!

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