Sunday, May 27, 2012


I was checking my "stats" this morning and had a few, uh, questionable links coming here. 
I sat for a minute thinking... "why in the world are those things coming here?"
DUH, then it dawned on me, when I use the word s-e-x, all those dirty little turds who like to look at naughty things come here. Cause when you type in a search engine, I guess because it has that word... it can be linked in to those nasty places, or something to that effect! 

AAAHHH, laugh at me now, it never dawned on me that it would/could do that. Pete's sakes, its an ADOPTION blog:).  So, I will have to come back an adjust those words.  as "the deed" or maybe just "being intimate". we'll see. Or, should I just not worry about it? I started to 'adjust' some of the posts... it looks as if I can't say that word because its dirty ha. Or that my mom might read this and make her uncomfortable? Suggestions?

Be patient, I'm still trying to get this thing looking like I want, using my free backgrounds and all. 
ta ta

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