Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hope for the Future


"Hope for the future. That its gonna be ok. I'm going to make it and we can only get better. As long as I do my part, it will be ok. #adoption challenge #photoaday #adoption #birthmom #30days #itsok #hope"

I hope for Openness. I hope for success. I hope for forgiveness. I hope for Joy. I hope for a life full of love and laughter for ALL who were/are involved in my adoption process. That I cant make anyone see anything but what they want to see. And I can't change what any one thinks. That those who still harbor hard feelings towards me because I was one girl who got pregnant in HS, can see PEOPLE can CHANGE. And that Hopefully, someone, anyone, reading this will gain an insight to what adoption is. What adoption is for me. It isn't always perfect. It isn't always dandelions and roses, but its the best thing that happened to me. It changed me for the better. 

And I am forever grateful for this experience. I hope that I can influence someone to make a decision for themselves and not for anyone else. To think about the child, and not what they want.  That if it is the right choice to Place, that you will have peace.  That the pain will be ever present, but the peace will carry you through.  That if Parenting is right for you, that you will also have peace, understanding and strength to help yourself and that child grow and succeed. If you choose to marry. That you can work together, as a team. To agree to disagree on MANY occasions, but respect and carry and love each other!

It was a month full of changes and growth.  There is nothing better that more steps forward in healing in your adoption journey.  There isn't much left to "heal", somethings that may never be healed, but in time can only be waited upon.  Between this Photo-a-day and the Journaling the Adoption ABC's class, it was a lot to work through. To remember and go through it all, almost over again. But I have learned to laugh at the journal entry's that were kept.  And forgive others for their shortcomings. And that change is good. And I'm looking forward to more time to serve this adoption world/community and hope to help someone in need.

- jena

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