Tuesday, February 4, 2014


26: Parenthood Means

Parenthood means : messes, snuggles, happiness, laughter, sacrifice, sleep deprivation.
It means being so excited to see your little girl come home to write in her "diary".
To hear that angel boy is SO smart and is excelling at so many things.
Parenthood means that nothing is the same. Every day is different. Some days are bad.
Some days are good. But every moment is one we need to learn from and grow from. To teach them how to be successful in life, and be a better person that you could be.
Day 27: My Happy Place

Happy happy place is DRIVING. If I need to clear my head, be alone, think, anything... its on the road.
I have always loved driving. I have always loved the time it took to drive anywhere. 
I had a "spot" in Logan where I would go to think, to pray, to ponder about the choices I was going to have to make eventually.  To wonder if they were the right ones or not...  But being behind the road is always a perfect spot for me!

Day 28: Thankful:

Another video. Another non-uploading work by me:)
Truly, it was a day to be Thankful. Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE Holiday. I love being surrounded by family. Remember what we are Thankful for. I loved being with my hubbs family, the giggles from the kids. The conversations with the adults, the Turkey bowl.  Its just a good day to eat way to much food, and spend time being thankful for everything.   

 Day 29: Family Tradition

ok- So really seeing a movie isn't a "tradition" but, since there wasn't a birthday this is what we post:)
The family tradition that is my favorite, and always will be, is Blueberry Muffins for breakfast on your BIRTHDAY.  In a basket we put together for E and his family, I had a box of Blueberry muffins. Among other things, it was the one thing that is just my favorite. Being able to tell them of everything in the basket and the significance of each item.  Its just fun.

Do you have any Adoption Traditions???

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