Sunday, January 12, 2014


Day 7:  Childhood

 I always wanted to be a mom. I always said I'd be so cool and I would have sleepovers with my Little's as often as possible.  I'd build forts, play outside, color...  You know, the usual.
The thing is, I haven't done nearly enough of it. But I sure love when we do.  This little girl LOVES late nights/sleepovers. Though, my back doesn't give love to me when she BEGS to sleep on the floor.
And, her attitude doesn't love me when she is up late. so we try to limit this.

Day 8:  LOVE
 Here's the deal ladies and gents. I doubt, seriously, that there is a couple in this world that are more perfect than these two! I love them to death. I hated having to walk away from them after our first meeting. I hated not being able to share all the fun things with them.  I wish I could talk to S EVERY DAY. Just to hear her happiness. I have fallen more head over heels for R every year. He is SO FUNNY. Not kidding, and he is such an amazing amazing daddy!  He pretty much rocks the daddy role.  And, i love them. I could not imagine my life without them in it!  Its hard when we go for a while without chatting!  I miss them so much. Truly truly miss THEM. Not the kids(though I do miss them terribly) But I miss my brother and sister!

Day 9: Openness

Here is the gorgeousness of this photo:
You have momma, and daughter(also an amazing birth momma) on the left. The one and only Big Tough Girl, Ashley in the middle, and LDSFS caseworker Stace on the right. 

Only in this day and age, will you be able to see this group of women together. Miss Shay, beautiful Blondie on the left, had placed only 2 weeks prior.  Not only does she look amazing, but her spirit was so full. She had been able to see her little angel girl a couple times after placement. They have a BEAUTIFUL open adoption and its incredible the healing that comes along with a relationship with that baby, AND those Parents.  Truly awe inspiring.  
BTG, Ashley, is a frigging ROCK STAR. I love her to death, and she is as cool in person as she is on the Internet. She is raw, real, honest, and gives it to ya straight. She is such a support in the Birth Mom community!  She is the one who put on the Adoption ABC's class, that I can't wait to do again:)
Case workers, with good hearts, great faith, and support of decisions based on what those girls want, they are incredible.  Stacey loves her Birth Mommas dearly, and loves her Parenting mommas, and Getting married mommas. They are so so supportive to those girls!  Its all about communication, planning, relying on what you say and do. 

I love openness!


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