Saturday, November 2, 2013

Journaling the Adoption ABC's

I have been very lucky to come into contact with some AMAZING people because of my adoption journey.
One such person is Ashley Mitchell, and she is the owner of Blessings in a Basket, and an amazing Birth Mother. She runs an amazing company that has helped SO MANY women!  The thing is, as well, that she is so aware of the many men that are affected by adoption as well. There are some awesome Birth Fathers out there, and I'll shout that out anytime.  I don't know what the relationship/contact is between my own sons Birth Father and his family, but I know if they still have contact, it is wonderful... or at least I hope it is.

Anyway, she has put together, and is hosting a class on Course Craft, and I am so excited to be participating in this amazing program.  I've decided to post some of what we are learning/working through/ experiencing here. She has entitled it, Journaling the Adoption ABC's, and I am so excited to be involved.  I have been a journal keeper since I was a very little girl. So this is something I hope will not only be a fun experience in journaling, but will help to heal more in my own adoption journey.  Healing is never over, and never stops, but its always good to have help.  I also have decided to do the Instagram monthly adoption challenge. I'll also be sharing that here as well, so it is "public" for the time being. 

I'm excited to get on here and have DAILY things to do. I hope I can keep up... I guess the page overhaul will have to wait a while till this awesome THANKFUL month is over.  Plus, its ADOPTION AWARENESS MONTH!!! It really has always been my absolute, most favorite, awesome month ever. It just made it all the better when I became a Birth Mother.

So.  I hope you all enjoy, that its somewhere you can learn, and take a new view on adoption as an  AMAZING thing, that takes you places you never thought possible.

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