Saturday, October 25, 2014

October: Adoption Love Link-up

I love my little family, and all that they have done with me for adoption. I have had a very supportive husband always encouraging me to go to events, groups, and blogs:). I have been very open about my adoption, so my kids, as well, have always been aware of little E and his family. 

One thing we do, and why I haven't documented it I can't figure out why, is have blueberry muffins on his birthday, plop a candle in the middle and POP. It has been a family tradition of mine growing up, and its one of my FAVORITE things to do.  OK, so its my absolute favorite thing to do. We do it for each person in the family, and my littles got to join in and HELP make the muffins this year(who knew they'd be awake to help).  We love celebrating that little man and his family!

We love calling and sending the "happy birthday" song through text, and try to remember each birthday. 

I am often amazed at my littlest, and how loving and careful she is when she gets to tell someone that I am a birth mom, and that she has a half brother, and that his "whole family loves her too". She loves adoption, she loves what she understands, and what she has gained. She loves showing off him and his family, and saying to her brother and sister who he is.  

How do I hope to be included???
They send me flowers every year on his birthday!  On HIS birthday, they send ME flowers!  They don't need to do that, they don't need to celebrate me, or whatever, because its his day!  But I can't complain, and I will admit that I do love it, because I feel they remember me. I feel honored!
I hope to be able to be there for a birthday one day.  When we are all ready, if that time comes, it would be a blast. When I think of the birthdays I would love to be there for, while all would be fun, its the ones that in our religion, are bigger deals 8 -12 -18 - or any in between:)  
Its hard because its not just about wanting to be there for his birthday. While I want to be there to celebrate him, I want to see him celebrate with HIS family!  Oh it would be cool!

so there we are:)

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