Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Obviously, I have never had to deal with infertility. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to not have to have that be a trial in my life.Those who suffer with infertility are warriors. And oh, how it hurts, to see another negative pregnancy test, or more treatments that don't work for my friends!

As I have said NUMEROUS times, one of my favorite things, and dreams, is for all those who suffer, to be able to carry a child.  I have a dear dear friend, Bridget, who is amazing. She has suffered with infertility for years, and is a warrior.  She and her husband were able to adopt a little boy, who is forever theirs, and is oh so handsome.  This is the same little boy that went home from Kindergarten with his first phone number from a girl.  That girl, was my little, and we giggled and giggled.  She says they are just getting to be best friends.  ha, anyway, that was almost 7 years ago.  

Then, through lots of prayer, fasting, a lost baby(that was to be placed with them), they entered into their first (I think, correct me if I'm wrong Bridget) round of IVF. It was a success!  I have never been as happy then to see that "Expectant mother parking" spot being taken up by Bridget!  The welcomed a handsome little boy into their lives just over a year ago.  He is SO HANDSOME, and happy, and cute. And is so loved!

So they've come to their journey of IVF again.  And I am SO SO happy to help.  Well, I know that 35% of the sales isn't a ton... I can only add so much, but I hope it can do something for them!

I am hosting an online Norwex Party and donating the fund from this to their IVF fund.  In the process you get AMAZING products!!!  Its going on NOW and will be closed at 11:00 PM on the 31st.  So that the orders can be placed and sent out in a timely manner!

Come help Jon and Bridget Build their family!!!!!

LINK TO THE PARTY  (Bridget Hutchings is the HOST)

facebook link

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