Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Cool News

I found Ashley, from Blessings in a Basket, probable a year ago.  Honestly, I dont' know how long its been, because I often forget things like that when I find people/groups i love to no end.  
So any whoosers. I found Ashley, and ended up being able to meet her in REAL LIFE in November at an adoption event in Southern Utah.  It wasn't what we'd planned(as far as that we didn't really plan much), but she was AMAZING.  She was so kind, she was so strong, she was real.  She had an enthusiasm  for life, for adoption, for healing, for helping.  It was amazing.  Not only that, she introduced me to so many other adoption groups as well!!!  Not only that.. she is holding an AWESOME class that I participated in last year, Journaling the Adoption ABC's.... do you remember? :)  So I get to do that again this years as well. Much has changed, lots to add to the story, loads to take away, and growth multiplied by a MILLION!!! She also has a fun yearly event she puts together that's CRAZY on  my bucket list!!!

So ... ENJOY!!!

So... Take a look here, at a new thing I get the AMAZING opportunity to do.  Things are quite crazy around here, so I have yet to keep my end up... but hopefully this weekend I can get something done. 

Either way, go check THIS out... SO SO SO COOL!!!! scroll down:)

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