Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sunshiny Award Nominees

So I gladly and happily nominate:

1  what is your favorite movie?
2  twerking.... you wanna try it don't ya?
3  what do you "hoard"?
4  what is your ALL TIME go to song?
5  Your favorite memory from High School?
6  if you could nix one thing from your "hygenic" routine, what would it be? 
(im going to say... MY HAIR... can it just be perfect)
7.  Favorite Drink
8.  What is your favorite quote?
9.  Dolly Parton... meet her... or kill her?
10.  Do the words "I just need to vent" mean good or bad or laugh?
11.  Sushi... YEA or NAE>

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