Sunday, April 14, 2013

awe mann...

This has not been an intentional loss of blogging in the world of adoption.  Though its been FAR to long, and I've DESPERATELY needed to update this thing, and continue with my story, and the stories of others I met because of this story.... well ... its not gonna be happening for a while.

First I was going to try and make this page all cute and fun and all that awesomeness that i like to pretend that I am. THEN, one amazing blessing after another has come our way and I got to go to Washington for my Loveie Alyssa's wedding. Then to SLC to help a friends and all sorts of other goodness.  The best being our own home FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And though this ooey gooey goodness of having our own house is amazing. I do not have the Internet for the time being :( BOO HOO.  But, alas, unpacking boxes that haven't seen the light of day in 4 years leads us to many many treasures.  Like pictures of my E and his family, 4 years ago!  Its been a while since I've hung pictures and such.

I PROMISE, when I get back, there will be such wholesome goodness on here. Mostly, because we are coming up on little mans TENTH birthday! TEN people 10, tenth, deis(spell check please), its huge, and though NOTHING has been sent... lots has been done each month for this anniversary and birthday of goodness!  OH i love them!

So - brb - asap - and all those other blurbs of letters i don't ever understand!!

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