Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting back on the Wagon

I am starting to write a "schedule" for myself.  It seems that life creeps up on you and you end up having 2 sick babies for over 2 weeks. Just when Bubba slept through the night(last night), Roo decided she wanted to take a whack at my sanity. Possibly, my children think that I am an insomniac and do not require sleep. I think they try to be funny:).  OK- so either way, it was a blessing for my baby girl to need to be wrapped up and walked around outside. She stared at the Christmas lights that we put up and snuggled close. Who cares if it was 1 in the morning?!

So there we have life with 3 kids. Well, a bit of life.  And I am so grateful. Every time I get mad I end up walking to a corner, grabbing my hair(temped to rip it out), and take a deep breath. At that moment I remember something- or more so - I remember someone(s).  I remember R & S, imagining the nights they wished they were up with a baby. I remembered my sister, trying so desperately to conceive. I remember my friends, waiting and waiting and waiting, for the miracle and love of an expectant mom.  And I remember my sis-in-law, waiting over 10 years to receive the blessing of her own children. 

Where would this world be if it were not for adoption? Where would the world be if it weren't for adoptions through Foster care?  I recently found out a friend of mine and her hubby are hoping to adopt a little girl they have had since she was born; and placed with them through foster care. I could feel the love they have for her. And how they long for her!  I hope it works out!

In the last few days of November, I was able to look back and remember the last 9 years one more. I was able to remember all those wonderful women I met that selflessly gave of their hearts and placed their babies to a loving couples arms.  I remembered those who walked WITH me on my road of adoption. Who have continued to walk with me these 9 years later. I remember all the loving couples I have met who ache for their child to come to them.  And how they have to wait... with no ounce of knowing if/when they will be blessed to see their child. 

adoption is amazing.

Selfless people who choose to place their blood, to give them MORE. To give them everything they want!

So - here is to a do-over in the blog world.  I will do better, I promise.  I will do my best. Don't leave me if I have to go for a while:). 

In good news, I absolutely love the Spirit of CHRISTmas.  Mostly, cause this year truly is all about Christ.  I love it!!!!!!!!!!! 

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